What is the chemical makeup of rain water?

Answer Rain is a common occurrence. Rain is necessary for plant growth, hydration and the continuation of the water cycles. Rain is mostly water, however, there are some other chemicals that can be found ... Read More »

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What is the chemical formula for acid rain?

Three main dissolved oxides contribute to rain's acidity. Carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolves in water into carbonic acid, H2CO3. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) dissolves into nitric acid (HNO3). Sulphur dioxid... Read More »

What is the chemical makeup of ink?

Ink is is used on a daily basis for various tasks. It is used in copier printing, in pens used for writing and even on money. However, the chemical makeup of ink is not widely spoken of.Earlier In... Read More »

What is the chemical makeup of Neptune?

Neptune, a large planet that cannot be seen without the use of a telescope, is chiefly composed of a group of gases and has no solid surfaces like those of earth. Neptune is 30 times further away f... Read More »

What is the chemical makeup of Vicodin®?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, Vicodin® is a commonly used oral medication that is used to treat pain. It contains acetaminophen, a non-narcotic, and hydrocodone, a narcotic.Acetam... Read More »