What is the chemical in marigolds that repels insects?

Answer French and African marigolds are often cited as the most powerful Tagetes species for repelling insects. Both contain chemical compounds called thiopenes in their seeds, roots and other plant parts... Read More »

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Insects Are Eating My Marigolds?

Marigolds are reliable ornamental plants popular for their pungent, bright yellow blossoms. Other varieties exist, which flower in other colors, such as gold, ivory, and orange. The marigold is a h... Read More »

What is the force that repels two magnets called?

Each magnet has a north and south pole. When the same poles of two magnets are in close proximity, the magnetic fields of the poles push the magnets apart. This force is called repulsion. The force... Read More »

Excluding indoor chemical spraying, is there another solution to eradicate insects inside homes?

Clean, clean, clean and then use boric acid powder. You can buy a container of it at Walmart for instance with a pointed nozzle that makes it easy to spread and apply into tight places, such as wal... Read More »

What repels bees?

nicotineWhat is this problem with bees? Leave them alone.