What is the chemical formula for chlorine?

Answer Because it is already a chemical element, all that is needed to form a chlorine molecule is for two chlorine atoms to combine with each other. The chemical formula for a single molecule of chlorine... Read More »

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What is the chemical formula for calcium and chlorine?

When metals such as calcium form compounds, they tend to assume a positive charge. Calcium loses two electrons to assume a charge of +2. Nonmetals such as chlorine tend to form negative charges; ch... Read More »

What is the chemical name for chlorine bleach?

Common household chlorine bleach, better known as sodium hypochlorite in the science lab, is called NaClO on the periodic table of elements. The solution contains the elements of chlorine and sodiu... Read More »

What type of bonding of a chemical compound does chlorine have?

The element chlorine uses both types of chemical bonding: ionic and covalent, depending on the other atoms nearby. For example, chlorine undergoes ionic chemical bonding with sodium to create molec... Read More »

Would there be advantages to having salt water in a pool but using chemical chlorine?

Answer Pools using salt systems have equipment that coverts sodium chloride (salt) in the water to chlorine in a small chamber on the return side of the filtration and heating equipment. The only a... Read More »