What is the difference between diesel and gasoline fuel?

Answer Diesel and gasoline fuel are two primary sources of energy for automobiles. They both come from the same raw element--crude oil--but are two different types of fuel that are not interchangeable.Mak... Read More »

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How to Convert Oil to Diesel Fuel or Gasoline?

Wouldn't it be great if you could convert crude oil to diesel fuel or gasoline in your own garage or backyard? Sure it would. But unfortunately, that's virtually impossible. Conversion of crude oil... Read More »

Why diesel fuel is higher than gasoline?

Although diesel engines get far better fuel mileage than their gasoline counterparts, the higher cost of diesel has kept many from making the compression-ignition transition. The higher cost of die... Read More »

Why is diesel fuel more expensive than regular gasoline?

For many years, the prices of gasoline and diesel crisscrossed seasonally. However, since 2004, diesel has regularly been more expensive than gasoline.HistoryHistorically, seasonal changes made one... Read More »

Why is diesel fuel higher than gasoline In price?

Consistently increasing demand is the main reason that diesel now costs more than regular gas. Diesel, which is derived from crude oil, is called a distillate. The demand for distillates and heatin... Read More »