What is the chemical compound of Normal Saline?

Answer Sodium chloride

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What happen if I use Normal Saline as an eye drops?

They will rehydrate your eyes for a few seconds but not as effectively as real drops for that purpose would,Saline will just wash out with the first blink. Real refreshing drops for contacts have i... Read More »

What type of bonding of a chemical compound does chlorine have?

The element chlorine uses both types of chemical bonding: ionic and covalent, depending on the other atoms nearby. For example, chlorine undergoes ionic chemical bonding with sodium to create molec... Read More »

What is a bitter chemical compound which turns red litmus paper blue?

The bitter chemical compound that turns red litmus paper blue is called a "base." Bases react with acids to form salt. Base examples include water solutions of ammonia, sodium hydroxide and calcium... Read More »

How to Create a Gel-Like Chemical Compound?

Gels are commonly used in research, industry and cooking. With the exception of very acidic or highly alcoholic substances, almost any liquid or aqueous compound can be turned into a gel with agar,... Read More »