What is the chemical composition of H2O?

Answer H20, or water, is made up of two elements. There are two hydrogen molecules for every one oxygen molecule. They are bonded together and form a bent shape because of a tetrahedral arrangements of mo... Read More »

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What is the chemical composition of jet fuel?

Common jet fuel, also known as Jet-A, is pure kerosene. Kerosene is a combustible liquid made up of hydrocarbons with a specific chemical formula of twelve carbon atoms attached to twenty-four hydr... Read More »

What is the chemical composition of squid ink?

Squid ink is primarily composed of mucus and melanin. Since there are many different types of squid, each with different ink, the other components of squid ink can vary. Other components can includ... Read More »

What is the chemical composition of cholesterol?

Cholesterol's molecular formula is C27H45OH. It has 27 carbons and a total of 36 hydrogens, one of which is in a "hydroxyl" group, which means that cholesterol is classified as an alcohol.Source:Ch... Read More »

What Is the Chemical Composition of Detergent?

We use detergents as cleaning agents. They fall into two categories: soaps or synthetic detergents. Both have similar chemical characteristics that allow them to lift away grease and dirt and disso... Read More »