How to Unlock the Invincibility Cheat in Golden Eye 007?

Answer The invincibility cheat is near impossible to unlock. You are supposed to beat the level in 2:05 or less. The current world record is 0:54 seconds. There are conflicts in the game such as Dr. Doak ... Read More »

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Is it possible to unlock my English playstation 2 so that I can watch Region 1 (US) DVDS and games on it?

yes it is possible. you have to purchase this disk called 'action replay Max' for your ps2. it has tonnes of codes but it also has this operation that unlocks the ps2 so you can watch american dvds... Read More »

What is the cheat code to unlock Spider-Man's black suit on Spider-Man 3?

There is no cheat code to get Spider-Man's black suit in the game "Spider Man 3." In order to unlock the black suit, you must collect all 50 spider emblems and defeat Venom, the final boss.Referenc... Read More »

Will a 20GB Playstation 3 play Playstation 2 games?

Yes, 20GB Playstation 3 systems will play Playstation 2 games. The 60GB and the 2007 80GB PS3 (with the CECHE01 model number) are the only other backwards-compatible Playstation 3 systems as of Jul... Read More »

Does an 80 GB PlayStation 3 system play PlayStation 1 games?

All Sony PlayStation 3 consoles of all hard-drive sizes are not backwards compatible. They do not play games for either the original PlayStation or the PlayStation 2. They do play Blu-Ray movies an... Read More »