What is the cheat code on the iPhone and iTouch app Werewolf Locator?

Answer 111 full moon cheat 666 devils cheat. That's all i got so far Try 000 (reset) and 808 (techno mode) and 101 for pong and ill see if i can get more Improved by Viva9626: 606, 808, 909, 609, are al... Read More »

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What the difference between an itouch and iPhone?

iphone-is a phone and with an itouch in ititouch-just an mp3 player

What is a good timekeeper or punch clock for the apple iphone/itouch 10 POINTS!!!!!?

You could create an MS-Excel spreadsheet and do a save as an Interactive Web Page, then make that available from some web server.Then you can design it the way you want it to work.

Can i use a 3G iPhone as an iTouch?

You can use your 3G iPhone is a manner similar to the iPod Touch (iTouch). The iPhone allows you to perform all of the functions available on the iTouch, including listening to digital music, watch... Read More »

Can an iTouch be converted to an iPhone?

While there are headsets and programs that will allow a user to make Voice Over IP (VoIP) calls from an iPod touch, also sometimes called an iTouch in layman's terms, it is not possible to transfor... Read More »