What is the cheapest website for computer parts like cpu's and mobo's?

Answer - Scan are fantastic for prices but awful for customer service and purchasing. Make sure they have the items in stock before you buy, because if you buy multiple items they'll... Read More »

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What is a good website to get parts to build your own computer.?

Easy way. Configure it on iBuypower or whatever, then it SHOULD tell you if the parts are compatible or not. Then buy the parts on Newegg.comDon't buy from iBuypower though, they use substandard sh... Read More »

Is there any website that gives information on the most powerful CPUs/RAM/Hard drives etc?

Try Toms hardware - I like too but the site won't load for me at the moment :(see here…

What is the cheapest I can do with these parts/specs?

Start here: my explanations here:;…Add microsoft windows if you need it. Bump up the i3-2120 to i5-3570K. It is ready for i... Read More »

Cheapest website maker?

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any softw... Read More »