What is the cheapest way to become a singer?

Answer With studio fees, CD duplication, resume printing and photography costs ... it may seem the path to becoming a professional singer is littered with dollar bills. Yet while singers must front a good... Read More »

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How do I become an opera singer and what is too old?

Although the optimal age for voice training is in the 20s, if you possess the natural potential, dedication and motivation to learn opera's musical practices and techniques, no age is too old to pu... Read More »

How do I become a pop singer?

Becoming a pop singer in today's music industry is a challenging task. The days of a singer crooning tunes at a local piano bar and waiting to be discovered are long gone. With the music industry i... Read More »

How Do I Become a Singer at Age 11?

Some people know from an early age exactly what they want to do in life, and for some of those people, singing is the thing that they enjoy most. Eleven years of age certainly is young, but it's no... Read More »

How do I become a gospel singer?

Gospel music is a uniquely American musical and religious tradition whose influence has touched both sacred and secular music in important ways. Gospel singing is a valuable technique to learn whet... Read More »