Why do people still go into McDonalds and look at the menu I mean, you know what they have, right?

Answer Their menu does change. And it is different in different parts of the country and the world.

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McDonalds Menu Prices In Hawaii?

I ate at the McDonalds in Waikiki and the prices are a little higher. However, they give you a free side of fresh pineapple chunks with your meal.

What did the 6 year old find in her mcdonalds happy meal (facebook thing)?

Apparently the 6 year old found a condom.There are a lot of different stories though, pertaining to where it was. French fries, toy, etc.And yes someone has found a fried chicken head before.

What is your favorite thing on the applebee's menu?

I like the pick 3 menu. I normally get the spinach artichoke dip, the boneless wings, and the mini bacon ranchers (is that what theyre called?). I also like the broccoli chicken alfredo pasta bowl.... Read More »

What is the healthiest thing on a menu at an indian restaurant?

Avoid naan at all costs. Because its made from all purpose flour and not whole wheat flour. Also avoid paneer and anything that says malai or makhani. Malai/Makhani is cream and paneer is similar t... Read More »