What is the cheapest strongest liquor that will get you really drunk?

Answer Any distilled alcohol that is sold cheap will do that for you. Any.

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What is a good liquor called that is girly and taste good but at the same time will you get you drunk?

If you're drunk and a mosquito bites you, will that mosquito get drunk too?

Alcool wont affect the mosquito's bran cells

What is the cheapest blu ray player that will get netflix over wi-fi?

Look at the LG BP-200. I have one which I got for $79 or so.It is a Blu-Ray player with Netflix and Youtube, Ethernet and WiFi, plus plays content from a USB drive.If it matters to you though, it h... Read More »

How much quantity of liquor is necessary to get drunk?

Ok conversions 45 ml is about the size of 1 shot. We'll round up and say 4 shots per quarter of which you had 4 so 16 shots split between several people.In all it appears you drank maybe 6 shots. ... Read More »