How long do you live to live a state before you are eligible for State resident tuition?

Answer No, you can't and you will NEVER get the in state rate because there is a lot more to becoming a resident than simply living there. Because you moved to NY and enrolled in school, you will ALWAYS ... Read More »

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What state has the cheapest cigarette tax?

Missouri has the cheapest cigarette tax, at a rate of 17 cents per package. Conversely, Rhode island has the highest tax rate at $3.46 per package. The median tax rate for the entire United States ... Read More »

What state has the cheapest car insurance rates?

According to, as of 2010, Maine has the cheapest average auto insurance of any state, at $902.85 per year. However, actual insurance rates depend on other factors such as your drivin... Read More »

What age can a child state which parent they want to live with in the state of Missouri?

What is the cheapest live bacteria to restore septic health?

The cheapest bacteria for your septic system are free, and you're already adding them to your system. The human waste going into your tank contains all the bacteria the tank needs. These bacteria t... Read More »