What is the cheapest way to get a very large screen About a whole wall but good resolution too...............?

Answer There are screen projectors available. Just search online. How good they are? You will have to find out. But that is the least expensive way to get a wall-sized picture without spending the big... Read More »

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What is the cheapest android phone you can buy on the market today?

The LG Vortex. It is android yet it still is cheap. If you want a pre owned phone the lg vortex or even the pre owned droid pro.

My husband sleep the whole day till he goes to work & he sleeps for whole day during sun&satdays what d reason?

Your husband seems to be on a second shift work schedule. There is nothing wrong with him. But when he comes home from work he isn't ready to go straight to bed. He needs time to wind down. And by ... Read More »

My daughter has told me three times today that she loves me and that I am the bestest dad in the whole world?

TV turns on picture is erratic andhas lines going through it and there is no sound you have to turn the tv off and on again to make it right Today the whole screen turned green?

Hard to say.If the TV is a Westinghouse I know they had a bunch of TVs that had this problem. It wasn't fixable. You had to unplug the TV from the wall, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in to rese... Read More »