What is the cheapest brand of beer in America?

Answer Natty Light. It's so gross, though. It's worth it to spend a few extra dollars on Bud Light.

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Best/Cheapest beer to get for a party?

KeyStone Light!!!Taste like WATT-ERR!Stuff is drinkable and cheap. Depending on your State but its like $14-$20 for a 30-rack.

What brand has the cheapest LCD TV?

Panasonic and Toshiba do relatively cheap but excellent quality LCD TVs. Other companies may offer cheaper options but they are not likely to be as good.

What is the best and cheapest SLR camera brand?

I agree there are no compact SLR cameras. Best bet, in my opinion is either Canon or Nikon.The Rebel XS, which I own, isn't bad right now at about $450 on line.Here's some examples of what I'm get... Read More »

What brand of printer uses the cheapest ink cartridges?

Canons have individual ink tanks for each colour. But the *best* way for any make of printer is to buy a "Continuous Ink Supply System" - CISS for short - that uses bulk ink delivered by flexible t... Read More »