What is the cheapest android plan?

Answer The cheapest android plan depends on your service provider. I think the cheapest plans right now have to be Sprint, in my opionion.

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What is the cheapest Android phone?

you can get an original motorola Droid phone in the US for around $50, or an HTC nexus 1 for under $100 used. i would stick to those as they run untouched Android and will be the best/fastest/easi... Read More »

What is the cheapest plan you can get with iPhone 4S?

What is the cheapest iPhone 4 cell plan?

Just wait until Verizon gets the iPhone in January 2011 because AT&T will end up going into a pricewar resulting in both having drastically cheap plans

What is the cheapest data plan att offers?

In some countrys it is because alot of people get killed from that.