What is the chart in ESPN called where athletes were asked pop culture questions?

Answer Beethoven's Leonore Overture No. 3 in C Major. Enjoy!!

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How does ESPN affect college athletes?

Yes the FCC regulates everything on TV, Radio, Newspapers etc... But anybody can say what they want as long as they can pay the fees.

Does ESPN pay to have pro athletes in their Sportscenter commercials?

According to a couple of specials they have done on the commercials the commercials are just made whenever people are around for other things. So I would assume no.

Who was the only nonhuman athlete announced in ESPN's 50 greatest athletes of all time?

When ESPN announced its list of 50 greatest athletes of all time what was the name of the only non human to make the grade?

if you search on google "total drama world tour episode 26" then it'll probably be there