What is the channel number for HLN on brighthouse cable?

Answer Channel 23

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What channel is ABC family on for brighthouse?

The Wednesday (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM) show starts on 07-11-2012

What channel is fox sportts on for brighthouse?

The codes we have available for Apex are listed below! Codes: 745, 743, 757, 111, 744, 815, 500, 814

Is monster high on t.v and if it is what channel is it on. on brighthouse?

I checked a few places and couldn't find anything, I guess the best thing to do is check their website from time to time, I'm sure if they do put it on tv they would sure tell you on the website ht... Read More »

What channel is ESPN Classic on in Sanford FL on brighthouse networks?