What is the chance of pregnancy if a condom is not used?

Answer According to the Ob/Gyn (a physician who deals with babies and pregnancy), a teenage woman has about an 85% chance of getting pregnant per cycle without protection. This figure drops with age. For ... Read More »

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Could she be pregnant if i used a condom and she used birth control and the pregnancy test was negative but she has missed her period and is having symptoms of pregnancy?

It is very unlikely that she is pregnant if you used a condom and birth control

IF you used a condom and it did not break or rip what are the chances of pregnancy?

Very small to nearly non-existant. So long as the sperm was contained in the condom and not allowed to escape into the condom.

Is there any chance of pregnancy complication if ranbaxy tablet for termination is taken after realising pregnancy?

WHAT?! There's no need!! Tampons are for when you have your period ONLY! What on Earth would you need a tampon for if your pregnant?!

What is the chance of Pregnancy with no penetration?

Pregnancy without penetration is highhly unlikely