What is the challenge for special needs assistant?

Answer Sunshine state standards offers lots of programs for special needs children. Check with your local office for more information or to sign up for amny programs

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Does the Special K challenge really work?

My neighbor tried it and she lost some weight. . . although she did exercise daily . . .

What age group is the Special K challenge for?

Anyone who wants to lose weight can participate in the Special K Challenge. It is, however, marketed to women in their thirties and forties who have busy lives and Read More »

What would be the biggest challenge when working in a classroom with children who have special needs?

Special needs teacher should exhibit an attitude of manner relevent (sp) to the inidividual's needs; must have the power of feeling; a great disposition because people can usually sense a bad dispo... Read More »

Special Assistant Duties?

Although the specific job duties can vary widely depending on the function of the organization for which they are employed, most special assistants act as surrogates and counselors for their superi... Read More »