What is the center of a circle called?

Answer A circle is a set of points that are equidistant to a fixed point, or the center. According to, the center of a circle is called the CirclesID Mind Set: Geometry

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What is one-fourth of a circle called?

Mathematicians define one-fourth of a circle as a quadrant. Quadrants take shape when lines called radii extend from a circle's center to its edge, forming a 90-degree angle with a conjunctive circ... Read More »

What is a fourth of a circle called?

The word "circle" has two different meanings. It can mean the whole circle, including the area inside, or it can mean the line surrounding this area.One-fourth of a circle, including the central ar... Read More »

What is an elongated circle or oval shape called?

An elongated circle or oval shape is called an ellipse. This elongated circle has two equal, or symmetrical, ends. The ellipse differs from an oval in that an oval is egg shaped, with asymmetrical,... Read More »

What is a circle with webbing inside called?

The white webbing inside of the circle for the purposes of embroidery or monogramming is called stabilizer. It holds the fabric taut while you embroider the fabric with needle and thread.References... Read More »