What is the center of a circle called?

Answer A circle is a set of points that are equidistant to a fixed point, or the center. According to, the center of a circle is called the CirclesID Mind Set: Geometry

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How to Figure Out the Center Coordinates of a Circle?

A circle is a two-dimensional figure that consists of all points that are an equal distance from a central point. The distance from the center to any one of the circle's points is called the radius... Read More »

How to Algebraically Find the Center of a Circle?

There are several ways to mathematically find the center of a circle. The algebraic method involves using the equation of a circle to find the center points. Another method involves using geometry.... Read More »

How to Find the Center of a Circle Using the Corner of a Piece of Paper?

The circle has an interesting geometry: It's the most symmetrical and regular of all shapes. Because it has no corners, finding a circle's center is more difficult than it seems. You can find the c... Read More »

What is one-fourth of a circle called?

Mathematicians define one-fourth of a circle as a quadrant. Quadrants take shape when lines called radii extend from a circle's center to its edge, forming a 90-degree angle with a conjunctive circ... Read More »