Was Celtic the language of the Scots or the Irish?

Answer The Scottish and Irish speak languages from the Celtic-language family. Scots speak Scottish Gaelic and Irish speak the Irish language. Other languages in the Celtic family are Welsh, Cornish, Bret... Read More »

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Why is the language of Holland called Dutch?

English speakers began referring to the language and people of the Netherlands as Dutch beginning in the 1600s, as the Netherlands (also commonly called Holland) emerged as an independent nation. T... Read More »

What programming language has been called the duct tape of the Internet?

Perl is the programming language that has been called the duct tape of the Internet. Perl is a Unix-based scripting language that is the main language used to program for the common gateway interf... Read More »

What is Celtic sea salt?

Celtic sea salt is a brand of sea salt that is artisan-crafted and hand-harvested. It is an unprocessed, gourmet, kosher salt.HarvestingCeltic sea salt comes from the coastal region of Brittany, Fr... Read More »

How to Learn Celtic?

The Celtic languages comprise of the Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Breton and the extinct Cornish and Manx languages. These languages belong to the western branch of the Indo-European language... Read More »