How do i keep cool when its 35 degrees celcius besides a fan?

Answer Air conditionerCold drinks, especially waterCold food, like salad and ice creamCool place, avoid sunshineRemove layers of clothesAvoid sportTake a cold showerStay calm, you can chill his way

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Is 99.1 degrees Farenheit considered high for your internal temperature?

Normal body temperature is 98.6°. This can vary by a few degrees for various reasons. You wouldn't technically be feverish until your body temperature reaches 100.4°

Please advise how to store insulin without a Fridge below 20 celcius. Our temp is 30 C (86 F).?

* Unopened, not-in-use insulin should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 36-46º F. * Opened, in-use insulin should be stored at room temperature below 86º F. I have no further remarks.

What Is HID Conversion?

High intensity discharge (HID) conversion kits come with the parts you need to replace your automobile headlights with HID bulbs. Each car has its own design.

What is an IRA conversion?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a personal retirement account that you set up and manage independent of your employer. The types of IRAs offer slightly different tax benefits, which may m... Read More »