What is the cause to watering sperm?

Answer I'm guessing that is Pre-Ejaculation

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Does watering citrus trees cause pale leaves?

Citrus trees develop yellow leaves when watered too frequently or when poor soil drainage leaves them in standing water. Citrus trees also develop yellow leaves in winter if the soil is too damp an... Read More »

Can eating sperm cause any disease?

The semen itself is not a problem. Pretty much any of the sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted orally.

Will watering a plant twice a day make it grow more than watering it once a day?

Answer It depends on the plant - some plants it would make no difference, some would appreciate the extra water, and some might even have trouble with it!

How do I know if I am over watering or under watering plants?

Overwatering is probably the most common cause of plant death. Overwatering deprives the roots of water and causes them to rot. It's important not to confuse the symptoms of over and underwatering... Read More »