What is the cause of involuntary eye spasm?

Answer Why not? Even the AAP recommends people to donate cord blood in public cord blood bank. The donation is free of charge and it costs around $35000 when retrieved. A mom only needs to sign all the ne... Read More »

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What the cause of baby hand spasm?

What is a urinary spasm?

A urinary spasm or bladder spasm is a sudden, involuntary contraction of your bladder muscles that produces an urgent desire to urinate, according to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Ce... Read More »

What causes involuntary twitches in the eye?

Twitches are usually caused by muscle fatigue, muscle strain, stress and excessive caffeine. On occasion they are due to neural or muscular disorders. The same goes for an arm.And I'm sure no gen... Read More »

What causes an involuntary tremor?

The brain is firing a hormone from the hypothalamus to the muscle in your thumb. The hormone is very similar to adrenaline but from the posterior not the frontal lobe; Hormone is typically "... Read More »