What is the cause of hot spots on dogs?

Answer Hot spots are a localized irritation of the skin. These spots cause itching and redness of the area. There are many causes of hot spots on dogs, however, fleas are the most common cause.Identificat... Read More »

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What are hot spots on dogs?

Hot spots are skin infections in dogs that usually pop up in an area where the dog has a scratch or bite. Clinically they are known as pyrotraumatic dermatitis, and are a moist form of eczema; the ... Read More »

How to Treat Hot Spots in Dogs?

Hot spots are generally open sores caused by an allergic reaction or skin irritation. They can become very large and last for several weeks if not treated.

The Foods Most Likely to Cause Hot Spots in Dogs?

Hot spots are patches of the dog's skin where the fur may fall off, the skin may be scaly and irritated and the entire spot will be warm to the touch. The hot spots are often a sign of an allergy t... Read More »

Cures for Dogs With Allergies & Hot Spots?

Allergies are common in canines and the symptoms associated with them can make a dog miserable. Dogs with allergies itch and scratch continuously when exposed to an irritant, which can lead to hair... Read More »