What is the cause of high serum glucose levels on a blood test?

Answer High serum glucose levels may reflect any of at least three conditions which, despite sharing the same name, differ in how they work, develop and originate.DefinitionClinicians consider "high" any ... Read More »

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Blood glucose test kit What is considered high levels?

Here'e the answer to your question. IntroductionBlood sugar tests measure how well your body processes sugar (glucose). Some blood sugar tests are used to diagnose prediabetes or diabetes. Others d... Read More »

What do high blood glucose levels indicate?

High blood glucose is a condition known as hyperglycemia. This term is typically used in reference to diabetes, a disease in which hyperglycemia can often occur. However, everyone experiences high ... Read More »

Does a blood glucose test include insulin levels?

A standard blood glucose test will measure the amount of glucose sugar in the blood. Glucose is the energy source the body uses to function. Testing the insulin hormone levels is not standard in a ... Read More »

What is considered a high level of serum glucose?

Serum glucose levels measure the blood sugar levels of your plasma. Health serum glucose levels should be between 60mg and 120mg per deciliter of blood serum. A high serum glucose level is consider... Read More »