What is the cause of developmental dyspraxia?

Answer Developmental dyspraxia is apparent from birth or early in life. To date no single cause is determined. (Research suggests that it is due to an immaturity of neurone development in the central nerv... Read More »

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How do developmental levels relate to nutritional needs of children at different ages and How do the developmental levels affect the eating process for children?

How to Understand What Dyspraxia Is?

Do you know someone with Dyspraxia? Are you aware that the condition exists? Thousands of children, teenagers and adults have to cope with it every day of their lives. This article will give you an... Read More »

Dyspraxia Activities?

Dyspraxia is a term referring to a disorder related to motor skill development. People with this disorder display difficulty planning and completing specific fine motor tasks. Approximately 6 perce... Read More »

Are dyspraxia&dysphagia the same?

On One Hand: Dyspraxia DefinedDyspraxia is a general term describing difficulty performing muscle movements. There are different specific dyspraxias, but generally the term describes any difficulty... Read More »