What is the cause of car battery corrosion?

Answer We've all seen it: that crumbly, salty-looking buildup that forms on the posts of car batteries. That mess can mean a mess for your car, so knowing where it comes from and how to clean it can add ... Read More »

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What does car battery corrosion mean?

Corrosion, a breakdown like rust, on a car battery is a sign of a problem that can have several causes. Using tap water rather than distilled water to fill the battery can cause corrosion, as can ... Read More »

What Causes Car Battery Corrosion?

Corrosion on your car battery terminals can be annoying and destructive. It reduces the current flowing from your battery, making your car harder to start, and it literally eats any paper or cloth ... Read More »

How to stop battery corrosion?

this is an easy way to keep your battery from corroding.

How to Check Your Car Battery for Corrosion?

Part of regular car maintenance is checking your car's battery for corrosion. You must remove corrosive battery acid from time to time to keep your vehicle running properly. Left untouched, corrosi... Read More »