What is the catholic understanding of adam&eve?

Answer The Bible states that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman ever created. They lived in a lush garden--a utopia--and had everything they could ever need or want. Then one day, Satan assumed the... Read More »

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Should a non-Catholic be buried with Catholic rosary beads?

On One Hand: A Matter of PreferenceA rosary is a string of beads, at the end of which is a crucifix. It has been used for centuries by Catholics, and more recently even Protestants, to track their ... Read More »

What is the theory use when explaining and understanding the when one sibling imitates another understanding why one sibling imitates the behavior of another?

How to Be a Catholic in a Non Catholic Junior High?

Being a Catholic Christian at a non-Catholic school can be very difficult. There are many temptations that need to be handled, and you are likely to encounter some upsetting situations. Use this ar... Read More »

How to Be Understanding?

A person of understanding draws the deep waters of the heart. They also live in knowledge and wisdom, bringing light and peace to everyone. Their love and relationship endures for a long time. This... Read More »