What is the origin of the name tanzania?

Answer The nation of Tanzania was formed in 1964 from the merger of two former independent states and British colonies, Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The name Tanzania is a portmanteau of the merged state's na... Read More »

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What Animals Are Found in Tanzania?

Tanzania is an African nation near other countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Natives and visitors alike can enjoy a variety of scenic views in Tanzania, as the country contains beaches, mou... Read More »

What is the highest court in Tanzania?

The United Republic of Tanzania's judicial system is headed by the High Courts of Tanzania and Zanzibar. The judge in charge is titled the principal judge of the high court and serves on the Judici... Read More »

How to Make a Tanzania Flag?

Going to a major sports event in Tanzania and want to show your pride? Here's how to make your own flag.

Food & Drink in Tanzania?

Tanzania, located on Africa's east coast just south of Kenya, has a diverse and internationally influenced culinary culture. Fruits and spices were introduced into the region by Arab traders, and t... Read More »