What is the best nightclub to go in Nepal?

Answer In general, a vision statement is a broad statement that basically says, this is who we are, this is what we do, and this is where we will be in the future. The mission statement is more specific a... Read More »

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What herbal plants are found in Nepal?

Asuro (Justicia adhatada), Ghortapre (Centella asiatica), Indrajau (Holarrhena pubescens), Barro (Terminalia bellirica), Harro (Terminalia chebula), Laligurans (Rhododendron arboreum), Chiraito (Sw... Read More »

How do I call Nepal?

Exit CodeDial the U.S. exit code, 011.Country CodeDial Nepal's country code, 977.Area Code and Telephone NumberDial the area code and telephone number you wish to call. Together, the area code and ... Read More »

How do I call Nepal from the U.S.?

Dialing Nepal from the United StatesDial 011-977-(area code)-(phone number)011 is for all international calls originating in the U.S., and 977 is Nepal's country code. If you're calling on a busine... Read More »

How to Volunteer for VAID Nepal?

Volunteer Aid Nepal (VAID NEPAL) is a non-government, non-political, non-profit development organization working under the principle of “Development through Volunteering”. It was established by... Read More »