How to Buy Property in Bulgaria?

Answer The real estate buying process in Bulgaria is different from the process in many other countries. Many people don't realise that a Bulgarian limited company has to be set up if you intend to buy a ... Read More »

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When is coming H2O just add water in Bulgaria?

H20 is a TV show. The three girls on it are acting and wear costumes. They are not real mermaids. Mermaids are NOT real and only exist in movies, books, games and TV shows. You can NOT become a mer... Read More »

What is the national anthem of Bulgaria?

The national anthem of Bulgaria has gone through a number of changes. Different anthems have been used over the past centuries, while the current anthem has also been changed at various stages.Name... Read More »

How to Book Travel on Bulgaria Air?

Booking travel on Bulgaria Air is very easy to be done online, by phone or at a travel agents'. You can book flights to a lot of destinations in Europe and America.

Hotels in Borovets, Bulgaria?

Borovets is the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria and is spread out over a large area on the eastern side of Rila Mountain. It is located about 45 miles from Sophia, the capital and largest city in ... Read More »