When starting an llc in delaware does the business need to reside in delaware?

Answer A Limited Liability Company established in Delaware must conduct professional activity within that state. The company must hold and maintain both a Delaware business license and a registered office... Read More »

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What is a Delaware corporation?

A Delaware corporation is a legal entity formed in the state of Delaware. This state is a popular place to incorporate due to favorable tax laws. Over 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies are incorp... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Delaware?

The name Delaware comes from the name of Sir Thomas West, who was the Baron De La Warr. West served as an English colonial governor to Virginia. The area received the name when West sent Sir Samuel... Read More »

How to Find What Homes Sold for in Delaware?

If you are curious about what a home sold for in Delaware, you can find out by doing a database search online. DelawareOnline is the online version of the state's largest newspaper, "The News Journ... Read More »

What Crops Sustained the Colony of Delaware?

In its colonial days, Delaware was largely an agricultural and industrial colony. The colony was especially agricultural because of its fertile soil and agreeable climate, which allowed the early s... Read More »