When is ski season in Chile?

Answer The skiing season in Chile is from June until October, which is the southern hemisphere's winter. Chile is located on the west side of South America. The southern hemisphere has opposite seasons of... Read More »

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Where do chile peppers come from?

Chili peppers are grown in a range of locales around the world, primarily in Asia, North America and South America. Chili peppers originated in North and South America, according to a 2007 article ... Read More »

What is a chipotle chile?

Chipotle peppers are actually jalapeno peppers that have been ripened until red and smoked for hours. Also known as chili ahumado, they are typically tan and have a rich, smoky flavor and a medium... Read More »

How far is Chile to the South Pole?

The southernmost city in Chile, Punta Arenas, is 4,109 km (2,553 miles) from the South Pole. The southernmost point in Chile, Cape Horn, is 394 km (245 miles) from Punta Arenas. Therefore, the dist... Read More »

How are chile peppers grown?

Spicy chile peppers grow on delicate pepper plants that prefer warm climates. Countless varieties of chile pepper plants produce peppers ranging from mild to extremely hot. Many chefs enjoy using s... Read More »