What did pol pot achieve in Cambodia?

Answer He achieved the installation of a dictatorship which managed to kill over three million of its citizens before being removed from power by the Vietnamese, which, in turn, sparked a war between Viet... Read More »

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What Are Some Medical Jobs in Cambodia?

According to the Asian Development Bank, Cambodians are more likely to flee public health care workers, when they get sick, than they are to seek advice or treatment. They live on average only 57 y... Read More »

What airline flies between the Philippines& Cambodia?

Thai Airways and Singapore Air fly between the Philippines and Cambodia. Both airlines fly direct flights between Manila, Philippines and Phenom Penh, Cambodia. Ticket prices range from around US$1... Read More »

Cambodia Labor Law?

Cambodia's labor law was codified in the Labor Code for the Kingdom of Cambodia on January 10, 1997, by the National Assembly. Although most of the labor force works in small-scale agriculture, Cam... Read More »

How to Travel to Cambodia & Thailand?

Travel to Thailand and Cambodia for the vacation of a lifetime whether you are a backpacker looking for cheap accommodation or a traveler interested in luxury hotels. Thailand is the most developed... Read More »