What type of terrain borders Uzbekistan?

Answer To the east of Uzbekistan is the mountainous terrain of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. To the west is the Aral Sea, which is actually a lake, and on the north and south, a sandy desert interspersed wit... Read More »

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How to Call Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan, a double land-locked country in the middle of Central Asia, may seem remote, but it's no harder to phone than anyplace else. Here are few easy steps to follow to make sure you get to th... Read More »

What city is the capital of Alabama and was the first capital of the Confederacy?

Montgomery, Alabama, became the state's capital in 1846 due to its proximity to the Alabama River. During the Civil War, it also served as capital of the Confederacy from February through May 1861.... Read More »

What is the national capital of Thailand and in what year did the city become the capital?

The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok. It was declared the nation's capital in 1782 by Rama I after the previous site of Ayutthaya had been destroyed by the neighboring armies of Burma.Source:CIA... Read More »

What Is Capital Equipment & Capital Spending?

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