Are there deserts in mozambique?

Answer Much of southern Mozambique has the typical characteristics of desert scrubland, with poor sandy soil and scanty vegetation. No part of Mozambique, however, qualifies as true desert, usually define... Read More »

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Are there any deserts in Mozambique?

A true desert receives an average annual rainfall of no more than 10 inches, according to USGS. The driest areas of Mozambique receive an average annual rainfall of 13.7 inches, according to AAAS. ... Read More »

What is the crime rate of Mozambique?

According to the United Nations, the homicide rate per 100,000 person population in 2009 in Mozambique was 20.2. In 1990, the property crime rate was 49.3 percent. Recent numbers are a bit more opt... Read More »

How to Finance & Purchase Land in Mozambique?

Mozambique is in southeast Africa between South Africa and Tanzania, with a long coastline overlooking the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel. The country has moved on from 20 years of civil w... Read More »

Is elephant poaching for ivory a problem in Mozambique?

The ivory trade continues throughout the world, despite strong efforts by officials to protect elephants, and southern Africa is known to be one of the largest sources. Scientists, using DNA techno... Read More »