What is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland?

Answer Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. Located on the western coast of the country on the Irish Sea, Dublin is the biggest city in Ireland. It can be reached from England by ferry f... Read More »

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I want bbm while im in ireland (republic of ireland)?

Ring up T-mobile which is 150 and ask to turn 'Roaming' on, it's the only way. The only problem is, is it costs loads. You're better off just connected to Wifi in resturants and stuff.

What is the currency of the Republic of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland, along with 11 other European countries, adopted the euro as its currency on January 1, 2002. Ireland gained its independence from the United Kingdom, which still controls s... Read More »

Postcodes for Republic of Ireland?

I usually always have this problem with eBay or other sites like that. You can try 'IRL', some sites will take that. Other sites are more stubborn so you could just type in a number. so lets say yo... Read More »

What Was the First Capital of the Republic of Texas?

After declaring independence from Mexico, the Republic of Texas moved its capital often as leaders evaded the Mexican army. In the spring of 1836, a provisional Texas government met in Washington-o... Read More »