What is the camera mount on my tripod's leg for?

Answer For shooting vertically? Like of things on the ground?

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Do all tripods have a universal size that is compatible to all camera/camcorders?

"Universal size"? No. tripods are mades for different weight cameras/camcorders.Like shirts, "One size fits all" can work, but not very well... especially if the wearer is REALLY large or REALLY sm... Read More »

What digital camera will accept a k-mount lens?

What lens mount does a nikon D50 camera have?

It has an "F" lens mount.source:

What kind of camera do they use in Paranormal Activity (Wall mount cameras with night vision)?

Protection from ____________... If whatever it is you think a camera will protect you from is inside, then it is pretty much too late. Generally, having the cameras outside in addition to locking d... Read More »