What is the california law on statutes of limitations?

Answer The statute of limitations is a legal concept that establishes a maximum time period within which civil lawsuits must be filed in court. In most cases, the statute of limitation period commences at... Read More »

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Legal Protection & Credit Card Debt Statutes of Limitations?

If a creditor successfully sues a debtor, the court awards the creditor a court judgment--making it a judgment creditor. In many states, judgment creditors have the right to collect a debt via bank... Read More »

What are the statutes of limitations for filing a bodily injury and or property damage claim in Missouri?

Consult an attorney for specifics, but in Missouri:Personal Injury: For most personal injury based upon negligent conduct, 5 years. For most personal injury resulting from intentional misconduct, 2... Read More »

Statute of Limitations on Violence in California?

Under California's statue of limitation laws, law enforcement officials and victims of crimes have a limited amount of time during which they can either charge a suspect with a violent crime or fil... Read More »

The Statute of Limitations for a California Misdemeanor?

The statute of limitations specifies how long after a crime has been committed that legal proceedings related to that particular crime can be initiated. According to, misdemeanors are... Read More »