What is the california foreclosure law?

Answer When a California homeowner fails to pay a mortgage loan, the lender can use the foreclosure option to rectify the default loan. California foreclosure law allows the lender to sell the property in... Read More »

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What type of contractors liscense do I need for foreclosure cleanups in california?

You need a general contractors license, bond and a hazardous waste certification.

What happens after a California foreclosure auction date occurs?

Most of California foreclosures use the nonjudicial process, in which an appointed trustee oversees the public auction of a foreclosure property. In the period after a foreclosure auction, the bor... Read More »

The Effects of Foreclosure in California?

The legal effects of foreclosure are governed by the laws of the state where the property is located. For purposes of comparison, states can be placed into two categories. The first category is la... Read More »

What happens to a first mortgage on a condo in California when the condominium is the one doing the foreclosure for the association fees?

Generally: The first mortgagee would receive notice, may choose to pay the overdue fees and add those to the amount due to the bank. If not, the condominium association would acquire the unit subj... Read More »