What is the calculation dosage of insulin for new diabetics?

Answer The medical industry has developed standard formulas for calculating insulin dosages for newly diagnosed diabetic patients. These initial calculations are then adjusted to meet each individual's ne... Read More »

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Why can't diabetics take insulin through their mouths?

Insulin is aborbsed via fat cells and it must be administered via subcutaneous injections (not intramuscular). There are certain oral hypoglycemic meds, but those are reserved more for Type II or o... Read More »

Is insulin dangerous for diabetics?

On One Hand: Insulin is NecessaryIf you are a diabetic with Type 1 diabetes, insulin is necessary and vital to maintain your health. Without proper insulin levels in your body, your blood sugar can... Read More »

Why do diabetics inject insulin rather than taking it by mouth?

Insulin HAS to be injected. You cannot take it orally. It is a hormone and the acids in the stomach will destoy it. It is not be cause it makes it work's because that's the only wa... Read More »

At what blood sugar reading do diabetics need to go on to insulin?

Firstly, Metformin is only a Insulin sensitizer and doesnt really reduce your blood glucose levels. So it has to be taken in combination with other standard OHAs [oral hypoglycemic agents] like Gly... Read More »