What is the c9 power chord?

Answer A C9 power chord is a variation on the standard four-note power chord voicing. Rather than consisting of a root (C), a fifth (G) an octave of the root (C) and a fourth (F), the third note is droppe... Read More »

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How to Play a Power Chord?

Have you ever wondered how all the awesome bands play awesome rock, hardcore rock, and metal songs? well your at the right place.

How to Make a Power Chord?

If you are a musician or anyone tackling a specific musical instrument, you may need to understand how to make a power chord. Although the power chord is a staple in some sorts of music, it is most... Read More »

Where to buy a power chord for my scanner?

It'd be helpful if you provide the exact model, but here's the basic one for Epson scanners from Amazon, just 1.79 or something like that: Read More »

Guitar Power Chord Pattern Ideas?

Power chords are nothing more than regular chords with a few notes missing; sometimes known as "cheater chords" they are the first few notes of basic bar chords. Normally power chords are associate... Read More »