What is the bulge coming out of my pelvic area?

Answer take a peek and report back ;)

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Pelvic area cracking?

it may have something to do with your femur (bone that connects with your pelvic girdle) or perhaps has to do with the fracture in your pelvis also it may have something to do with your Coccyx

Can ovulation cause pain in the pelvic area?

On One Hand: Ovulation Can Be PainfulOvulation, the process through which an ovary in the female reproductive system releases an egg to be fertilized, can be painful. Pain during ovulation has a na... Read More »

My 4 yr old son has been complaining of pain in his left leg near his pelvic area but says he did'nt fall?

Unless it has punctured the skin (which occurs in a very small amount of cases), the best thing to do - or rather, have one's doctors do, as a fractured clavicle would require a visit to the hospit... Read More »

If you have pressure on both sides of your pelvic area but not in the middle and you are ten weeks is this normal?

Answer It can be normal as your uterus is still expanding to accomodate your baby. However if the feeling is painful or out of the normal for you or if it's associated with decreased fetal movemen... Read More »