What is the bromelain enzyme?

Answer Bromelain is an enzyme that digests proteins in the human body. It's most commonly found in fresh pineapples. When consumed, it can aid in digestion and help injured muscles through their healing p... Read More »

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What is a papain enzyme?

Enzymes are molecules that work to speed up chemical reactions. Papain, an enzyme found in papayas, has a wide range of uses. It is effective at breaking down proteins, and is consequently called "... Read More »

What is the serrapeptase enzyme?

The serrapeptase enzyme is a substance found in the intestines of silk worms. Silk worms use the enzyme to break down their cocoons. Serrapeptase enzyme has been found to reduce pain, inflammation,... Read More »

What is an nattokinase enzyme?

Nattokinase enzyme is extracted from the traditional Japanese food natto, which has been produced in Japan for more than a thousand years. It is made through a fermentation process applied to soybe... Read More »

Is lime juice an enzyme?

Lime juice is not an enzyme, however, like the juice of all citrus fruits it does contain enzymes. In addition, the citrus limonoids found in lime juice and other citrus fruits stimulate enzymes in... Read More »