What is the brightest kitchen lighting?

Answer Kitchens are one of the trickiest parts of the house to light, due to multiple reflective surfaces combined with the sometimes delicate tasks carried out in the room that require bright lighting.Ki... Read More »

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What type of home lighting is the brightest?

An overhead pendant light may be the brightest for an indoor room. Usually residents use layers of lighting fixtures such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall sconces, track lighting and task light... Read More »

What type of lighting is recommended for above the kitchen sink?

It is recommended that you use fluorescent lighting above your sink in the kitchen. Natural light is best but is not always attainable. Fluorescent lighting will give you a bright work place in wha... Read More »

How do I recommend lighting for a kitchen?

Define Lighting FunctionsInventory the kitchen design with your client for lighting needs. Identify areas like stove top, counters and sinks that will require direct task lighting. Discuss the need... Read More »

Lighting Requirements in the Kitchen?

Only a few states in the United States have established lighting requirements for kitchens in new construction though more are studying the problem. Using some of Califonia's suggestions as well as... Read More »