Differences in Brazilian Wax & Extreme Brazilian?

Answer Hair removal services have increased in popularity in the United States over the last 10 years. Brazilian bikini waxes were introduced to the United States in 1978 by two Brazilian sisters who were... Read More »

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What Is a Brazilian Wax Spa?

Many women, and even men, seek a reputable salon for a Brazilian wax to begin their summer months in swimsuits, shorts and skirts. To avoid exposing the results of a razor and some shaving cream, m... Read More »

What Is Afro-Brazilian?

Afro-Brazilian people live in the country of Brazil in South America and can trace their roots back to various countries within Western Africa. During the Transatlantic slave trade, many people fro... Read More »

What Is Brazilian Waxing?

A Brazilian wax is a quick way to have unwanted coarse pubic hair removed safely and efficiently. A Brazilian wax is an intrepid form of hair removal that gets easier to withstand and less painful ... Read More »

What to Expect After a Brazilian Wax?

When shaving is not an option, or it is too painful to think about, then consider a Brazilian bikini wax. These famous waxes were made popular in the '80s and still continue to go strong, especiall... Read More »