What is the braided money tree?

Answer A braided money tree is the Pachira aquatica plant, which can grow less than a foot tall in an indoor pot or 40 feet in the wild. The money tree usually refers to the indoor plants, which are braid... Read More »

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How do i take care of a braided money tree?

Water PlantsWater braided money trees once a week. Fill a shallow container with cool or warm water. Place the money tree carefully in the water. Allow the tree to rest in the water for 10 minutes.... Read More »

How do I care for a braided money tree?

SunlightPlace the braided money tree plant in bright but indirect sunlight for six to eight hours per day. Avoid hot windows and direct sunlight. If available light is low, place the plant under a ... Read More »

How to Transplant a Braided Money Tree Plant?

Known as Pachira aquatic, the braided money tree is native to South America. The braided money tree can easily grow to more than 6 feet tall. The braided money tree is thought to bring good fortune... Read More »

Tree Braided Hairstyles?

Tree braids are a low-maintenance option that work well with African-American hair, whether it's worn in its natural, unstraightened state or it's worn chemically straightened. Once tree braids are... Read More »