What is the "box thing" called on a PC?

Answer That's generally referred to as the case. But since it encapsulates things like the motherboard, memory, and the brain of the computer (the CPU or processor), some often call the whole "box" the CP... Read More »

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What is the weirdest thing anybody has ever called you?

What is that thing in the kitchen called?

Range Hood.…

Is there such thing called lovesick?

Oh yea, as almost any lover from 12 to 102 knows. The love sickness is not an actual infection (although an infection would explain the sickness), but is a depressed state of mind which occurs when... Read More »

The thing in the train stations called?

Those are called turnstiles (they are also called "Baffle Gates" as well). They are used to control the direction of foot traffic, as well as to impede progress until the fare is paid, as well as t... Read More »